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About Pharmsave Vaccines

Pharmsave Enterprises is a private-owned limited company, which was established to offer technical support to the youth, women, persons living with disabilities and small-scale famers engaging in poultry farming. The company gathers and integrates the expertise of various experienced personnel into finding pragmatic modern poultry farming and marketing practices, required by an ever-changing poultry environment.

Our company specializes in wide range of products which include Vaccines, Day old chicks from reputable hatcheries, antibiotics, Accaricides, feeds, mineral supplements, poultry equipments and farm equipments.

We also offer Herd health services which includes; diagnosis, treatment and management of pests and diseases. Besides, we offer technical support service s and training to farmers. The focal point of the company has been on suppling of high quality chicks in order to deliver a full suite of poultry farming compelled by the emerging technology. We are fully equipped to face future challenges despite the exponential growth in poultry farming demand.

At Pharmsave enterprises Limited, we have four cornerstone pillars that enable us to make a difference through the way we conduct ourselves both internally and externally. We believe these pillars will take Pharmsave Enterprises Limited to greater heights:

  1. Listening: We are attentive to the people around us.
  2. Mutual Support: We support each other during the good and bad times.
  3. Cross-Functionality: We take advantage of our synergies.
  4. Boldness: We break the mould and think outside the box.

At Pharmsave Enterprises Limited , we get involved in the workplace, with our environment and community, with people in need and with each other. If you are looking for a company whose actions reflects these values, Pharmsave Enterprises Limited is the place to be.

Our Operations

Pharmsave Enterprise Limited is a multi-disciplined company. Our company has the cognition, experience and resources to offer technical services, supply farm in-puts and marketing poultry products. Some of the products the company deals in include vaccines, day old chicks from reputable hatcheries, antibiotics. Accaricides, feeds, mineral supplements, poultry and farm equipment.

Besides, we offer the following services: herd health services (diagnosis, treatment and management of pests and diseases). Besides, we offer technical support services and training to farmers.

Our Vision

To create sustainable wealth for poultry farmers and the company

Mission Statement

To offer professional, technical support and marketing services, provision of high quality farm inputs and assisting farmers access markets.

Core Values

  1. Customer Centered - We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.
  2. Innovation - We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
  3. Ethics - We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.
  4. Quality Services - We offer quality services without compromise.
  5. Team work - We work together with our professional teams, suppliers and customers to develop innovative solutions that make us meet and even exceed the expectations of clients.
  6. Community minded - We are obligated to give back to our communities.

Goals & Objectives

Being a multi-disciplinary company, Pharmsave Enterprises limited is determined to create a long lasting impact in poultry sector by;-

  1. Providing professional and technical support services to poultry farmers
  2. Ensuring farmers have access to quality of one day old chicks and farm inputs
  3. To enable poultry farmers access favourable markets for their poultry and poultry products
  4. To provide expert and innovative poultry farming solutions through research and development.
  5. To ensure that poultry farmers are well trained and in the latest technologies that are in line with latest practices in poultry.