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Nectiv Forte

Product Description

What is Nectiv Forte?

For vaccination of breeders, layers and day-old chicks against Newcastle disease after priming, or in combination, with live vaccines.


An inactivated, water-in oil emulsion vaccine for Newcastle disease in poultry


  • Respiratory strain
    protection in the Mucosa of the upper respiratory sysytem - the point of entry of NDV

  • Day-old chick vaccination
    Nectiv Forte is a highly concentrated vaccine and can be injected to day-old chicks at a volume of 0.1 - 0.2 ml per bird.

  • Broad spectrum of use
    Nectiv Forte can be used in all types of chickens, turkeys and other avian species and at any age against velogenic NDV

  • Long duration of immunity
    Nectiv Forte provides uniform and long lasting protection for breeders and layers after priming with live ND V.H. vaccine

  • High maternal antibody levels
    Nectiv Forte is used for revaccination before point of lay. Vaccination at this time enables the transfer of a uniform and high level of maternal antibodies to the offspring chicks

  • Broad spectrum activity
    Nectiv Forte has a broad spectrum activity against all virulent strains of NCD virus with a higher antigen concentration that ensures long lasting immunity

Withdrawal Period

 No withdrawal period.

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